what is beauty culture

what is beauty culture

Beauty culture means health although you as a lady do any amount of treatments of beauty

, those treatments wall not be fruitful if your beauty is not healthy. Therefore before beautifying your figure you should be healthier prior to all. To protect your health the better health habits such as cleanliness taking a balanced diet, drinking pure water daily, daily bathing, having a sound sleep, rest, exercise, mental health, working with correct attitudes, should be followed in proper manner. Those habits will assist to protect your beauty.

                                                The lady attempted to beautify and develop her figure in the past thousands of years ago. She used various natural things to beautify her figure in the past. India gets the prior place in the beauty culture since ancient time.  The princess and the queens who lived in India kept their beauty by using natural beauty cultural treatments. White sandal wood, saffron, mangos leaves saffron etc. have been used by them to attract and beautify their figures. Those treatments are approved even today. At present ancient Indian medicinal prescriptions are used for the beauty culture: today ladies trend to use natural or artificial things as well as the modern appliances’.


       When studying beauty , we should understand that there are different methods and rites in each country. The weather and the culture of that country cause these differences. But by studying the principles of beauty culture and utilizing the experiences we can run a successful beauty culture center.

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