what is makeup?

what is makeup?

Beauty culture is a compulsory thing for the damsels who like to be beautiful and attractive. Every damsel has inborn beauty. The beauty culture shapes that beauty. Although there is a figure which is said to be ugly, great beauty can be created in it by correct make-up. Hence many ladies have made make-up a part of their lives. For an ordinary journey for going to the office, for shopping for going to a function, she uses a make-up. At least they smear a little lipstick or some perfume powder. Indeed a lady should always keep her beauty. She should not let her beauty disappear whatever the problems she has. Make-up can change our appearance. It can hide our feeling as well. Every lady always has a lipstick, a kind of powder, etc. hence you should recognize the materials which are used for make-up. Commonly foundation, powder, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow, pencil, lip liner, lipstick, and blush are used for make-up.


Taking the face and neck to the same color is the most important part of the make-up. During a function, hands that are opened are suitable to be taken to the same color of the face. Foundation should be used for this. The main thing is the quality of the foundation you buy. You can reduce the impairment to the skin by using a good quality foundation. There are a few ways to use the foundation.  As a stock, as powder, as a liquid, and as a thicker. One is some of them. You should select the foundation according to the nature of your skin. When selecting a foundation, which is suitable for the neck and the face, the jawline should be applied together. That color should be lighter than the natural complexion of the face and the neck. It is very difficult to do make-up for oily skin. But kinds of matte control foundations can be found in the market. You can hold a well-finished make-up by this foundation,


The powder should be used to prevent the oily and shiny nature of the skin by using some foundations.


This gives an attraction to the eyes. Select kinds of eye shadows that match the clothes you wear and to the skin, eye-shadows can be bought at low prices at the market today. The shiny eye-shadow colors are very beautiful.

Eye liner

To show the small eyes larger and the larger use of smaller eye-liner can be used.

Eye brow pencil

The eyebrow pencil is used to draw the eyebrows for a good shape. This highlights the eyelids properly.

Lip liner

Lip line is used to show the lips smaller or bigger.

Lip stick

Lipsticks should be selected to match the color of the cloth and the complexion of the skin. Kinds of lipstick can be bought as gloss, matte, and shine at the market.


This can be used to show the structure which matches your face. This is very suitable for a person who has dark skin. This can be selected as matte and shine.

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